A Technical Working Group Meeting was held between the 9th - 11th of April 2014


The objective of the TWG was to update the CountrySTAT tables on the website and the correspondence table using the standard methodological rules.


Expected results


1.    Revise, correct and update data, metadata and the updates to 2013, according to data assessment report by CountrySTAT HQ and upload metadata.

2.    Create the correspondence table according to the standard model that FAO provided.

3.    Discuss and suggest solutions for factors affecting timeliness of data.

4.    Review indicators to see if times series of data dates at least from 2000 and update data accordingly.

5.    Review the data to see if the EAC minimum list of indicators have  been included, taking into consideration the report of the mission of the consultants who visited UBOS on March 10, 2014.

6.    Discuss and come up with strategies for sensitization and promotion of use of CountrySTAT.

7.    Discuss plans to hold a user sensitisation seminar.

8.    Add CountrySTAT Link on all websites of institutions participating at the TWG meeting.