FAO to launch statistics project in agriculture


Thursday, 15th April, 2010    

By Geoffrey Ssenoga

A statistics information system to improve the quality, accesibility, relevance and reliability of national statistics on food and agriculture is to be launched in Uganda in May.

Seth Mayinza, the national CountryStat project co-ordinator, said the system would focus on themes in agricultural statistics such as production, export and import trade, population and climate.

“It would involve a number of stakeholders such as policy makers and implementors, non-governmental organisations, research organisations and scientists, investors, farmers and others,” he said.

CountryStat, which has already been launched in Kenya, will be implemented by the Uganda Bureau of statistics (UBOS).

UBOS, in collaboration with the agriculture ministry, carried out a nationwide census on livestock whose results were released in June 2008.

The statistics body is now undertaking a national census on agriculture whose statistics will constitute part of the data which will be uploaded on the CountryStat website for dissemination.

“This will provide a one - stop information source of agricultural information from Uganda,” he said.

He disclosed that data on the website would be updated according to the availability of fresh data.

He explained to be launched in late this month or early May.

He further said that a panoramic report about Uganda and the status of agricultural statistics within had been carried out.

Stakeholders to provide statistics are being identified for training in the workings of CountryStat, Mayinza added.
The stakeholders will be shown how their data would be brought on board to constitute the national agricultural data.

The project, financed by the Food and Agricultural Organisation and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, will run in 17 sub-Saharan countries.