Upcoming Mission by FAO CountrySTAT office to Uganda 27th - 28th Feburary 2012


Phase II of the project will focus on the sustainability of the CountrySTAT system in each country and the consolidation of activities initiated during Phase I. It is therefore crucial that each CountrySTAT system is firmly established and recognized nationally, under the guidance of the National Coordinator the National Secretariat of CountrySTAT manages the activities related to the dissemination of quality data in collaboration with other national institutions involved in the Technical Working Group, and that the visibility and use of the system can steadily increase.

The main goals of this mission are:


  • Meet high-level national authorities to gain support for the CountrySTAT system, particularly the mobilization of government support to ensure ownership and sustainability of the system;
  • Working session with members of the National Secretariat and the Technical Working Group of CountrySTAT to clarify the purpose of Phase II, the statistical priorities and major activities to be carried out in 2012 (revised and finalized work plan, analysis of discrepancies between CountrySTAT and FAOSTAT, the importance of holding regular meetings of the Technical Working Group, identification of the focal point in communication within the government structures, customization of the CountrySTAT website);
  • Joint meeting with the National Statistics Office and the Ministry of Agriculture to discuss the collaboration and the importance of providing reliable statistical data that is current and complete for CountrySTAT
  • Discussion with the FAO Representation and the National Coordinator of CountrySTAT on visibility and development of CountrySTAT in each country.